20″ Custom Neon Clock


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Do you need a custom made clock with a unique clock face? A business owner can display their logo or image of their product while displaying the time of day, beautifully!
On our clocks, neon is used for warm colors (reds, pinks and oranges). Argon is used for cool colors (greens, blues and purples). Other colors displayed through phosphorous powder coated on inside of tubes, changing light waves.

Custom 20" Clock Face Design Details:

  • Total diameter for 4 color process jobs is 19 3/4"
  • Anything past 15 3/4" will be covered by neon
  • 10 1/2" diameter of workable space available within the numerals

Additional information

Bezel Color

White, Grabber Blue, Dark Blue, Teal

Clock Hands

Solid Style, Slotted Style


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